Daily Tasks

Wheel of Fortune

Spin the Wheel to win free prizes daily. Log-in Streaks afford 

you more chances the longer they go on.

Daily Drink

Drink to win extra orders.

Daily Mission

Daily Missions award Silver, Gear, and sundry other prizes. 

There are 6 missions per day, which can be completed instantly 

in exchange for Gold.

Daily Trade

Players can get great amounts of Silver and, if they're lucky, 

get some bonus rewards. Players get 12 Daily Trades, and can 

purchase more with Gold. Daily Trades do not cost any Orders.

Treasure Map

Players can team up and get Silver. Press Collect to get a 

random number of Map Pieces, then put two pieces together to

trigger a Hidden Treasure Chest for the whole team.

General Gate

Generals fight in 1-vs-1 combat for Original Souls. Players 

click the Gate pictured above on the left side to enter.

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