Heaven’s Gift


Charge 300 Gold during this event and get 3,000 Gold in 10 

installments. Player will receive every installment, even if 

this exceeds the duration the event.



Q: Do I get my 3,000 Gold immediately after I recharge 300?

A: No. Click the Heaven’s Gift Icon to receive 100 Gold daily for 30 

days after you recharge 300 Gold.


Q: Do I get 6,000 Gold if I recharge 600?

A: No. You only get 3,000 Gold at most by recharging at least 

300 Gold during this event.

Q: I recharged 300 Gold twice during the event, so why didn't 

I get the 3000 Gold bonus twice?

A: Players only receive the bonus once.


Q: Will I lose Gold if I forget to collect an installment?

A: No.


Rule:Recharge any amount of Diamonds during this event and get 

10% extra for free, as many times as you can! Get extra gifts 

based on your recharge total!

Q: During the event, if I recharge 1000 Gold, I will only receive 

200 Topaz?

A: No. You can get 300 Topaz, 50 Xp Cards and 100 Gold for free.

Q: If I forget to draw these gifts, will the system help me to 

receive them automatically?

A: No. So please draw these gifts as soon as possible.

Black Market

Rule: During this event, you can buy Black Market Generals, 

Silver, XP Cards; the better the item, the greater the discount!

Q: Why I can't find a General lower than 30% off in the Black 


A: You can only find 10%-30% off Generals in the Black Market.

Q: Why I can’t find Zhuge liang in the Black Market?

A: You can only find the General List’s generals in the 

Black Market. Also a new general will not appear in the Black 

Market immediately.

Q: I find a wanted General in the Black Market, but I don’t 

have enough Gems, what should I do?

A: You can click "Click to Lock" to lock this general. You 

can find this general in the next Black Market if you do this.

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