Hero's Throne's Generals and classes are sorted into a 

balanced type-system.

General's Talents determine how they can develop, and their 

Skills determine their battle efficacy. A General's quality 

is also determined by their stats and Stars. Generals with 

more Stars are typically superior.

Tavern Recruitment:

In Hero's Throne, almost all Generals are found in the 

Tavern. Ranked Generals can be summoned any number of times. 

Generals from the Battle List can only be summoned after 

they have been defeated. Summoning Generals costs Gems which

can be purchased in the Bazaar or won as rewards for 

completing Daily Activities.

Checkpoint Summons:

When you defeat the final guardian in a level, you have a fixed

chance to directly summon them without having to spend any Gems.

Ranked Generals can not be summoned in this way.

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