Levies are the best way to raise Silver. Click Feudal Official, 

then click levy to get a fixed amount of Silver. You can do this 

for free everyday a fixed number of times. You can also pay to 

impose extra Levies so long as you have the money. The amount of 

Silver you get rises with your level. Unused Tax opportunities 

will roll-over to the next day, for a max of 50 opportunities 

per day.

Trade House: Gems

You can purchase Gems here that you can then use to hire 

Generals. There are three kinds of Gems: Blue, Gold, & 

Purple. Different color Gems can be used to hire different 

Generals. There are 5 Merchants who each sell different Gems. 

You have 1 free trade daily, and trades do not roll over to 

the next day.

Tavern:Ranked Generals

Click here to hire Ranked Generals using Gems you acquire in 

the Trade House.

Training Hall: Training & Rebirth

Generals can get EXP or be Reborn in the Training Hall.


Gain EXP cheaply over a long period of time.

XP Cards

Instantly gain massive EXP at a high price.

Players can upgrade Training Slots to permanently increase 

the EXP Generals gain.

Players can open more Training Slots to train multiple 

Generals simultaneously.

Generals can be Reborn starting at Lv 50. Rebirth can 

greatly increase a General's stats and overall power. 

Each Rebirth costs a General 1 level.


Here you can purchase War Runes to boost your Generals' HP and 

help you dominate the world!

General Hall

Click here to choose which Generals you want to Summon and which 

you want to leave to rest.

Inheritance Pagoda: General Legacy

A General can inherit another's stats and XP here. The General 

giving the stats will revert to Lv 1.

Jade Workshop

Here you can collect Jade that you can use to upgrade your 

Talents. VIPs can level up and increase the number of slots 

they have to collect more Jade.

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