Version 5.1

Guild battle

1. Guild Battle will start on every Saturday 20:00-21:30 (on the match day, 5:00pm, system will notify the qualified guild by email), top 8 guilds in the Weekly Wealth ranking will be eligible to play game.

2. Guild battle provides a battleground for multiplayer battles. In the battleground, players can attack other players from a different guild of yours. Players will get combat point after battle, no matter whether they win or not. Complete multi kill or end others’ multi kill will net you extra points. The final guild points will determine the guild’s ranking in the guild battle (after the guild battle ends, players can check their ranking in the guild interface).

3. You will enter the next round of battle with the remaining HP left from the previous battle if you win that battle till your winning streak is broken. 

4. Top 20 players in their guild points ranking will receive a great ranking reward. And other players will get participation rewards according to their guild point ranking.

Treasure Map system

1. In the treasure map system, players can trigger some task to get the corresponding reward. Completing the relevant task can get you Beast Gem, which can be used to redeem pet equipment in the gem shop. Also, you can upgrade the star level of the treasure map to get a chance for more valuable rewards. 

2. When players get to the end point of the treasure map each time, they will be rewarded with chest reward. The higher the map’s star level, the better the reward you will get when reach to the end point. 

3. Treasure map system will unlock at Lv.25. Players will have 3 free tries every day. Players are allowed to add more chances by spending Coins. 

Refine Necklace

1. Click the button Refine in the bag to refine necklace with Amethyst, which can be obtained from the guild battle.

2. The highest refining level of necklace is Lv.12. After refining, it can increase the bonus HP attribute of the necklace.

3. The guild battle ranking may influence the refining EXP bonus. The better ranking means you can get more EXP bonus. 

Optimization of Pet System:

1. Pet equipment is available in game. Pet equipment includes weapon, hat, and cloth, and all of them can boost the attribute for player, including attack, defense, agility and Luck (the increased attributes will be added to player’s character). Pet equipment will valid for 15 days.

2. Pet equipment can be redeemed by using Beast Gem in the Gem shop, or by unlocking 3, 4 or 5 star treasure map to get better pet equipment. 

3. If Happiness is full when you feed Lv.60 pets, the surplus pet foods won’t be consumed. Meanwhile, the Happiness consumption of Lv.60 pets will be lowered.

Totem Optimization:

1. Newly added Totem Amulet. Equivalent to Totem and Coins, it can offset a part of Coins.

2. The Coins different chapters are allowed to offset is different. Currently, there are 7 attributes for a totem: Attack, Defense, Agility, Life, Luck, Guard, and Damage. Each level an attribute increases by can allow it to offset up to 60% of the Coins needed for each click


Card Optimization:

1. Players are now allowed to buy Card Spirit.

2. Added Buy Card Spirit to Win Active Point feature to Daily Must-do (Buy Card Spirit once to earn 10 Active Points).

3. Increased the chance of receiving rewards from Gold and Silver Cards. Newly added Platinum Card.


Event Optimization: 

1. Check-in and reward-claiming pop-ups won’t be displayed to the right. They will pop up again when you close the page and login again. If you checked in and claimed the reward, it won’t pop up on that day.

2. VIP icon. If you are a VIP, it won’t be displayed here. If your VIP expires or you are not a VIP, its icon will be displayed here.

3. When there are 5 above one-way icons, the rest icons will be displayed side by side instead of in a drop-down menu.

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