Version 4.8
I. Add the Battlefield System:
The battlefield system will be available at level 15, and then you can join the 1V1 battle by clicking the battlefield icon in the game square to get prestige. After you collect a certain amount of fame, you can get the corresponding rank which can be used to redeem titles. 
1.Battlefield will open at every 8:00~10:00 and 14:00~16:00. The battle will be cross-server battle.
2.After entering the battlefield, all players' attributes will be reallocated, and players have to fight alone without pets or assistants.  
3.All participants will get fame as reward, no matter win or lose. Each player can get up to 2000 fame a day.
4.Add Fame Ranking List in Hall of Fame, players can check their ranking information here.
5.Battlefield Rank can be divided into: Soldier, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, Chief General, Marshal, and Grand Marshal. Fame can promote your battlefield rank. With the higher battlefield rank, you can purchase more items from the League Shop.

II. Add Guild Boss War: 
Guild BOSS will be unlocked when guild reaches Lv3. 
1.Only the Guild Leader can unlock the Guild BOSS once a day. A certain amount of Guild Wealth will be spent.
2.Once the Guild Boss is unlocked, it will last for 20 mins. The guild leader can spend Guild Wealth to prolong the time to kill the boss. This function can be used 3 times a day. Each time you use this function, it can prolong the time by 10 minutes.(You cannot use this function after the event or after the boss is killed) 
3.Players can join the Guild Boss War once a day (after you join a guild boss and change your guild, you will not able to join another guild boss war on that day). 
4.Participants of the Guild Boss War will get considerable Honor and Personal Contribution as reward. And if someone in your team kills the boss, then all his or her tmembers will get an extra reward.

III.Add Equipment Potential Activation Function:
Players can activate the equipment’s potential attributes by using power stone (the item will be bound after activation) 
1.There are three types of power stone: low, medium and advanced. Different types of power stone can activate different values of attribute, the highest attribute points that each type of power stone can produce are: 30, 50 and 80. 
2.Players can activate the attributes for the same equipment several times. After activation, it can provide new random attributes for the equipment which will cover the previous ones. 
3.All potential attributes have a period of validity, which is 7 days currently. After the period of validity, the potential attributes will disappear. You can convert the potential attribute in the Armory
4.Power stone can be purchased with land gold from the Hero Shop, or you can get it by attending certain events. 

IV. Unlock Hero Shop Function
Player can get land gold after completing the stages in secret land, which can be used to purchase items in hero shop.
1.Players can purchase the Attack Pill, Defense Pill, Agility Pill, Luck Pill (increase the corresponding attribute for 30 minutes), and Power Stone in the Hero Shop
2.The different items in the Hero Shop will be available to purchase only when players pass the certain floor of the secret land. 

V. League Contest Optimization:
1.Players can attend up to 30 battles a day, and will get League Token as reward. Cancel the current item rewards and extra EXP reward;
2.League Contest starts at every 18:00~20:00. All the Lv.20 players can join it.
3.Add the Token Shop that allows players to redeem Badge, shards of rare item and other items at here.  
4.Badge is divided into Soldier Badge, Sergeant Badge, Lieutenant Badge, Colonel Badge, General Badge, Marshal Badge and Grand Marshal Badge. Badge can be used to increase character’s attack and luck, and it can also reduce the damage taken. Players can equip it in the character panel
5.To purchase items in the Token Shop, players have to meet certain ranks. The ranks can be increase by fame gotten from the battlefield

VI. Unlock the Daily Activeness System
Daily active points can be got by completing certain daily quests. Players can get certain reward when they got a certain amount of active points;
1.Players can get the corresponding reward after completing the required quest every day
2.If your active points reach the reward requirement (active points reach 30, 60, 80 and 100), you can claim the particular reward 
3.Players can claim up to 124 active points a day 

VII. Add the display of Activeness and Daily Event
By clicking the Event button, players can check the daily event info and their current active points
1.Complete the quests in the active progress to get the corresponding active points
2.When players’ active points reach a certain number (30, 60, 80 and 100), they can claim the reward
3.Players can get up to 130 active points a day。

VIII. Boys & Girls Encounter Mode
Open the new battle mode, encounter mode at every 12:00-14:00 to encourage the battle between boys and girls 
1.Lv.8 players can try the encounter mode in the game square
2.In the encounter mode, attack the player of the same gender can get you the attack bonus
3.Encounter race adopts the 2v2 mode, when you enter the race system, the system will auto match the players, 2 girls and 2 boys, players can choose their teammate by themselves or wait for the system to allocate a teammate for them (a team must have a male character and female character) 

IX. Add the Farm Treasure Seeking
1.Players can get a seeking chance when they log into the game (log into the game several times a day would get you more seeking chances). If you log into the game for 2 continuous days, you will get two seeking opportunities. You can get up to 3 treasure seeking chances a day.
2.You can have one extra chance of treasure seeking when friends help repair land for 5 times a day. (friends can help repair your land for only 5 times a day)
3.The farm treasure, remaining seeking attempts and friends’ repair times will be reset after every 24:00

X. Other Optimizations
1.League match will be closed when the Elite Match starts
2.Add cross-server chatting, players can select the cross-server chat in the Private Message channel

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