version 4.6 updation
1. Introduction to Totem feature: 
A. Players who reaches level 20 will unlock the Totem feature. Players can use honor points and coins to upgrade Totem. 
B. Click on the specific Totem to unlock it. 
C. There are 7 types of Totems. They are ATK, DEF, DEX, DMG, SH, HP. 
D. Honor points can be obtain from the World Boss fights or purchased with coins. 
E. Level Cap at 50 

2. World Boss optimization 
A. Introducing a new world boss: the Dark Earl 
B. The World Boss “Ancient Dragon” will appear at 7:00 PM Daily. 
C. The World Boss “Dark Earl” will appear at 7:00 AM Daily. 
D. Players can purchase World Boss buffs with coins. This buff will increase the DMG inflicted on the World Boss. Buff lasts for the entirety of the World Boss fight. The buff is stackable and can go as high as 4000. (Buff is only effective in the World Boss fight) 
E. World Boss fight lasts for one hour or as soon as the boss is defeated. 
F. DMG inflected to the world boss will determine the amount of honor points and World Boss Points Players obtain at the end of the fight. World Boss points can be used to exchange for prizes. 
G. Players who are top 10 in DMG inflicted will be rewarded with extra Honor points and World Boss Points. 

3. The Angel Jar reward will only pay out to players who have obtained 30 or more lucky color stone. 

4. The Farm has been optimized. 
A. New pet food will be introduced. 
B. The expiration of farm helper service will have a new display. 
C. 5-Star pet attributes will be increased. 

5. Please keep an eye out for the Labyrinth function to be announced. It will be introduced shortly. 

6. The overall Game UI will be optimized. 

7. The introduction to the game has been optimized
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